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Our services

Dean Hassall Consulting specialises in major public facility development, governance, management and operational performance. We assist government and corporate venue owners and developers, venue managers and operators, hirers, and service providers to the venue, events and entertainment industries.

Our capability encompasses a wide spectrum of service offerings. Take a closer look to see how we might support your venue, precinct, event or other business needs. 

Operational modelling

  • Venue operating models and resourcing structures

  • Management model analysis

  • Governance and management frameworks

  • Organisational health checks - venue and events industry business

Venue business performance 

  • Business improvement reviews

  • Independent operational review

  • Performance analytics

  • Identification of venue challenges, constraints and barriers to utilisation

  • Recommendations to achieve optimal venue commercial performance 

Procurement and contract negotiation

  • Procurement strategy - specifications input, development and bid evaluation

  • RFx specifications review and input before release to market

  • Evaluation and interview panel independent member

  • Contracting strategy - development of agreements, leases, heads of agreement, memorandum of understanding

  • Contract review and re-negotiation

Venue industry benchmarking

  • Management model and operating model industry comparison analysis

  • Industry benchmarking and trends research

  • Commercial benchmarking analysis 

  • Market sounding research 

  • Venue industry network consultation

  • Best practice standards enquiry

  • Published materials research and reporting

Document peer review

  • Peer review venue operating manuals

  • Event planning document review

  • Operating manual development 

  • RFx specifications review and input before release to market

Workshop facilitation

  • Workshop facilitator and presenter

  • Event readiness scenario testing

  • Project discovery workshop

  • Project outcomes presentation and workshop 

  • Venue industry lecturing and training (specific subject matter)

Specialist resourcing - 'plug-in'

  • 'Plug-in' as multi-disciplinary consultant into venue and event project teams

  • Short-term resource to fulfil 'hard to define' or 'tough to recruit' roles

  • Interview panel independent member

  • Evaluation panel independent member

Facility strategy

  • Facility strategies to direct infrastructure planning and investment

  • Venue and event sector review to guide long-term government and private investment

  • Business case development

  • Research methodology design, analysis and reporting

Specifications input - facility development

  • Specialist project team member for major facility and precinct developments - procurement strategy planning for design, build, operate, maintain contracts 

  • Inputs to feasibility studies and business cases

  • Identification of operational matters that will impact on design phase of facility development and redevelopment

Venue management and operations 

  • Event planning and management input

  • Venue and event operational audits

  • Event project resourcing - range of venue command and management or operational crew roles

Policy, compliance and risk 

  • Compliance advice - venue operations

  • Risk and WHS management frameworks - venues and events 

  • Policy framework review

  • Procedures development

  • Industry-relevant legislation, standards and best-practice guidance

Copywriting for business development

  • Review, structuring and content input on tenders and proposals (RFTs & RFPs), expressions of interest (EOIs)

  • Copywriting grants and award submissions

  • Brand strategy - company and individual 

  • Major event/project bids - input and advice

Stakeholder engagement

  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement

  • Project control group participation

  • Stakeholder briefing leadership

  • Venue industry network liaison


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