Meet our team

Dean Hassall Consulting or 'DHC' is the business partnership of venue industry leader, Dean Hassall and events professional, Carolynne Hassall (yes, a husband-and-wife team). We run our boutique venue management and operations consultancy in a lean and efficient way ... it's just the two of us (unless we're sub-contracted into a bigger project team).


This model keeps us focused on our passion:  helping venues - and their affiliated hirers, suppliers and partners - to operate in a way that's safe, successful and sustainable. 

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The DHC story 


In 2009, Dean decided to apply his then-15 years of facility operations experience by becoming a private consultant to the venue management industry. 


Dean's purpose - which remains today - was to help ensure that venues (along with the events and other activities happening within them) are safe and successful. He would do this by providing advisory services in the areas of major public venue and events management, facility and precinct development, and venue business improvement strategies,

Together with his freelance event planner wife, Carolynne, the pair embarked on the first few engagements among what is now an impressive portfolio of venue and events industry projects amassed by the duo. 

Today - around 13 years later - Dean Hassall Consulting (or 'DHC' for short) has delivered more than 195 individual contracts with venue owners, operators and developers in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.


Something that has remained essential to all of our clients -- government and corporate venue owners, developers, venue managers and operators, hirers, and service providers to the events and entertainment industry -- they rely on strategic and operational input based on business leadership skills and knowledge honed within the venue management profession.

The contemporary venue management and operations expertise of our Director and Principal Consultant, Dean Hassall, remains vital in this. 

Highly valued by clients and colleagues is the ongoing professional development that Dean champions within the venue industry. Dean Hassall has attained elite venue management credentials of the International and Australian industry peak bodies and is an instructor at both association's benchmark educational programs, including the week-long intensive Venue Management School held annually in Florida, USA.

Dean is currently Chair of the Venue Management School operated by the Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific) and he remains a long-serving, highly active and contributing affiliate Venue Management Association member, having also formerly served on the VMA Council (Board). 


We are always looking for new opportunities that enable Dean Hassall and Carolynne Hassall to expand the Dean Hassall Consulting portfolio of completed projects, satisfied clients, and international industry relationships.


Do you have a scope of works or other industry initiative in mind?

Consider DHC as part of your success story.

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We work together

Being a small, private consultancy firm, our resourcing is highly accessible and flexible. Dean Hassall and Carolynne Hassall - either jointly or separately, as dictated by scope - can mobilise quickly to accommodate short timeframes and changeable work arrangements. 

We work mainly from our Brisbane office, continually expanding our use of technology applications that enable us to connect virtually with clients and project teams, worldwide. When needed face-to-face, on-site and in-field, we will travel. Whether it's an hour, one day or even weeks, we work from wherever with whomever, to achieve the best outcomes for each project.

Agile and time-efficient

Being a small and agile team, we rarely present administrative hurdles to proceeding with your work scope. 

We only take on scope within our capability and workload that we can handle at any given time.


With few distractions and an intense dedication to our client's priorities, we are a time-efficient solution.


Our flexibility means we're highly adaptable. This enables us to accommodate unique project needs, including what some may describe as unusual scopes of work. 

Got a piece of work that's hard to brief-in? Let's talk it over. Clients and colleagues often bounce their work outlines off us first, to help them define project purpose and scope.  

Work directly with the owner

In our micro company of two, we do not engage sub-contractors. All work is undertaken by Dean Hassall (Director and Principal Consultant) or Carolynne Hassall (Special Projects Executive).


We work either as a collective project team or individually, depending on specific contract needs, and subject matter expertise or skills required by our clients. 

Big project? Bring us in.

We are often engaged as sub-consultants or sub-contractors by larger agencies, consortia and joint ventures.

When high-profile, complex projects require multi-disciplinary specialist input, Dean Hassall is a highly credentialled facility management and operations expert to join your team.

Scaleable solutions

We work on a vast range of subject matter across the venue and event industries, and scope of all shapes and sizes. 

This means we can deliver scaleable solutions at surprisingly high capacity acros our two resources. 

Our services can be engaged at short notice for as little as one hour for urgent and finite tasks.


Of course we're also engaged for intermittent input or sizeable scopes of work across longer duration, on large scale, multi-phased projects that can take years to deliver.

Outstanding industry relationships

Dean Hassall is a long-serving dedicated affiliate member of industry peak body - the 'VMA' - Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific). He has also cultivated excellent relationships with colleagues who are active within the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), based in the USA.


Having championed the venue management profession and upheld consistent standards for professional development and service provision, Dean has forged strong relationships with contemporaries who are inspiring venue industry influencers, along with a respectable list of satisfied clients.

Let's connect

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work on projects that will enable venues to operate safely and successfully.

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