Brisbane Riverstage 2022 Master Plan


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Brisbane City Council


Acted as independent specialist industry advisor to assist Brisbane City Council with the procurement coordination and ongoing review of deliverables (from the appointed consortium) associated with the development of the Riverstage 2022 Master Plan and subsequent feasibility studies


2018 - 2019


Dean Hassall

  • Riverstage is a 9,500-capacity music and entertainment venue defined by its strategic location. This outdoor entertainment amphitheatre is located in the heart of Brisbane within the City Botanic Gardens and bounded by the Brisbane River and Queensland University of Technology.

  • Riverstage was originally a community venue when built in 1988 after being inspired by the temporary on-river entertainment platform, which featured during Brisbane’s highly acclaimed World Expo ’88.

  • While having an impressive live music and festival legacy, Riverstage is an ageing asset with increasing maintenance and life cycle improvement costs. Considerable funding and ongoing analysis has been required to ensure it remains competitive and relevant as part of the social, cultural and economic fabric of Brisbane.

  • Operating such a unique and meaningful venue requires Brisbane City Council to achieve a strategic and sustainable calendar of events throughout the year. It relies upon event design and delivery that responds to the City Botanic Gardens and Riverstage character, respects neighbours and visitors, and achieves the highest standards of public safety.

  • In 2018, Council undertook to procure a Riverstage 2022 Master Plan that meets the objectives of optimising the commercial requirements of a music venue. Considerations included capacity, functionality, economic return and integration with the Botanic Gardens, Brisbane River and neighbouring QUT.

  • Brisbane City Council (Riverstage venue owner and operator) engaged DHC under a consultancy scope of works to assist in two key areas:

  1. development of the specification for tender to procure the Riverstage 2022 Master Plan and subsequent feasibility studies; and

  2. to act (ongoing) as independent consultant, providing specialist commercial music-venue advice to Council on the pending Riverstage 2022 Master Plan infrastructure design consultancy.

  • The appointed multi-disciplinary consultancy team (consortium of Aurecon Australiasia in partnership with BDO QLD and BVN Architecture) encompassed expertise in project management, architecture and urban design, landscape architecture, civil engineering, community engagement, and heritage architecture.


(a) Development of specifications for tender to procure Riverstage 2022 Master Plan

  • Undertook venue analysis to compile a review report aggregating and analysing the outcomes of the venue from 2010 to 2018

  • Populated an external stakeholder engagement matrix presenting relevance for design and funding to support the development of the Master Plan

  • Prepared documents, in collaboration with Council staff, for the specification for tender for awarding of a major consultancy to procure the Riverstage 2022 Master Plan and subsequent feasibility studies

  • Produced specifications content (full consultancy brief with key tasks, deliverables and project milestones) in ‘market-ready’ condition

(b) Specialist Industry Advisor to assist with development of Riverstage 2022 Master Plan by an appointed multi-disciplinary consortium

  • Acted as independent consultant to provide specialist commercial music venue advice to Council on the pending Riverstage 2022 Master Plan infrastructure design consultancy

  • Assisted with coordination and review of the appointed consortium's deliverables to ensure the outcome returns optimal benefits to the public and meets Council’s strategic objectives

  • Liaised and collaborated with the winning consortium to assist Council with:

  • ongoing evaluation of project deliverables

  • review of information received to consider against industry-based benchmarking

  • quality control and ensuring contractual milestones for the project are achieved to required standards and specification

  • Attended project meetings and presentations with the winning consortium to assist in:

  • evaluating advice received

  • providing industry-based feedback on reports and information submitted

  • Produced reports for Council with detailed comment relating to peer review or analysis of work and information received